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Teeth and eating disorders

Maybe you have already heard about the most popular and visible consequences of eating disorders, like weight loss, lanugo, hair loss, yellowish skin and other diseases. But most people do not consider something that is also very important: Dental diseases.

Bulimia teeth

This problem is related due to the condition of the patient suffering from eating disorders. When you have anorexia you can lose teeth due to the lack of calcium and strength. Also you can get halitosis, which means bad breath, this happens when the mouth can’t produce enough saliva due to dehydration.

In the other hand, bulimia can be even worse. Binge and then purge, in other words, induce your own vomit will damage your teeth enamel. This mental illness can last for many years. Actually, the more you purge, the more you harm your dental health! At the end of the day, you will lose your teeth. The acids destroy your enamel, and this allows bacteria to attack more easily.

Most people think that this mental condition only affects teenagers, but actually it can happen to anyone, even adults and kids. More than 10 million people in United States suffers from eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity. Yes, overweight and obesity are also very bad.

  • Anorexia: This disease can weaken and deteriorate your bones, even causes xerostomia and osteoporosis.
  • Bulimia: When you binge and purge, you can hurt your enamel due to the acids that come from the stomach. This causes a yellowish color and lack of resistance. Tooth decay is the main result.
  • Obesity: This is characterized by extreme hunger, it is mixed with anxiety. You could develop cavities and dental plaque if you do not clean your teeth properly everyday. Also, drinking lots of sugar and acids can damage your enamel as well.

Always follow a diet that can provide you calcium, vitamins, minerals and proteins, but most important: It should be a way of living, a healthy habit. It is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor, psychologist and dentist.

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