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Dr. German Arzate and his team at Snap in Dentures in Cancun, are known for their ability and expertise in a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures like this amazing procedure.

One of the most common procedures that our patients request when coming to our clinic are Snap in Dentures.
Interestingly, today in the United States there area upwards of 50 million people who wear dentures due to tooth loss.
While denturesmay seem like a great option for someone without teeth, they can often be a huge problem, as dentures can make one feel very insecure and can make simple, daily activities difficult or even painful, such as chewing, biting, speaking and smiling.

Dentures today are not very well done and a lot of the time they are not fitted to the mouth properly or are not well secured, causing them to either come loose or just be a general nuisance to the wearer.

Similarly, dentures can make eating meals unenjoyable, as they can contribute to lack of taste for food.

All of the aforementioned issues that come with regular dentures can be avoided by getting Snap in Dentures. These type of denture start with mini-implants, which are small posts that are inserted into the jaw or maxilla bone and have a little ball that protrudes out of the jaw itself. The dentures snap into the mini implants, which serves as the anchor for them and keeps the dentures firmly in place.

The denture piece attaching to these implants (o-rings) allows these implants to sit directly on the gums so that they look and feel just like your natural teethwould.Even better, with these dentures you can eat absolutely anything you like, they are extremely comfortable and doesn’t require any denture adhesive.

Getting Snap in Dentures is a quick and nearly painless procedure, and can be done only one trip to Cancun. The procedure is minimum invasive and can be done extremely quickly. Is also completely affordable and with astonishing results. To learn more about the Snap in Dentures, contact us now! You can call toll free 1800 961 0419 for further information. You will never regret taking this step!

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