Teeth and eating disorders

Maybe you have already heard about the most popular and visible consequences of eating disorders, like weight loss, lanugo, hair loss, yellowish skin and other diseases. But most people do not consider something that is also very important: Dental diseases.

Get the smile you always wanted with mini implant dentures!

When we lose one or more teeth, we are worried because we think that we need spend all our savings to replace our teeth and get a useful denture.  We search on the internet and we find the best solution, implant dentures, but the problem is the price. The dental implants price in the U.S.

Overcome your dental fear!

Do you feel relatively calm before your dental appointment or are you a little nervous about a visit to the dental office? Do you worry about it days or weeks before the appointment?

How to clean Snap in Dentures

Doesn’t matter if you use regular dentures or Snap in Dentures, all types of dentures or partials require proper care to keep them clean, free from stains and looking their best.

Seniors are suffering with bad dentures

Many seniors around the world are suffering the health and social effects of tooth loss because they can’t afford minimum standard of care when it comes to complete dentures.

An amazing vacation and a new smile!

Dr. German Arzate and his team at Snap in Dentures in Cancun, are known for their ability and expertise in a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures like this amazing procedure.

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